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adhere to the innovation-driven strategy, explore the road of innovation and development of "people as the foundation and technological innovation as the support"; undertake the national mission, serve the needs of the country, and successively undertake 4 national key research and development plans, more than 20 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, 98 authorized patents and software copyrights, and won more than 10 awards such as the first prize of Jilin Province Science and Technology; create ultra-high temperature extreme environmental test equipment, static support actuators, micro-in-situ testers and other "star products".

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2021High-end Joint Bearing Pad MaterialsHenan Technology Invention Award
22021Advanced Unit-Medium Machine Test during the "13th Five-Year Plan" PeriodAdvanced units during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period
32021Bearing Service Simulation Test Equipment System TeamExcellent Innovation Team during the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period
42020Extreme EnvironmentAnhui Science and Technology Award
52020a material performance test device suitable for high temperature vacuum environment.Third Prize of Outstanding Patent Award of China Machinery Industry Group
62020Excellent Sci-tech PeriodicalsChina Machinery Industry Group Outstanding Science and Technology Journal Award
72020Q/22CSS 24-2020 "Electronic Creep, Relaxation and Durability Testing Machine"2020 Enterprise Standard "Leader" Award
82019Self-lubricating Joint Bearing Liner Material Performance Evaluation Test BenchHenan Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Award
92018Long Life and High Performance Joint BearingsSecond Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
102018General and Special Series Automatic Straightening EquipmentThird Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
112018Extreme EnvironmentFirst Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
122017Spherical Hinge BearingsThird Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

Patent No./Application No.patent namepatent type
201110156342.9joint bearinginvention patent
201210494900.7a preparation method of electrothermal ceramic heating body in ultra-high temperature oxidation environmentinvention patent
201210500311.5mechanical performance testing device and method for ultra-high temperature oxidation environment.invention patent
201410109116.9Spherical Hinge Bearingsinvention patent
201210556856.8a Measurement Method to Effectively Reduce Displacement Error of Large Structural Partsinvention patent
201410421961XMulti-group Bearing Loading Simulation Test Systeminvention patent
201510209414.XSingle-sided feature detection method and device of special-shaped guide rail based on laser line structured lightinvention patent
201520238591.6T-type elevator guide rail automatic detection deviceutility model
201520234115.7double heating system atmospheric furnace deviceutility model
201520242378.2a large-scale side floating rebar tensile testing machineutility model
201520233857.8a large crankshaft bending fatigue test deviceutility model
201520234212.6a torsional impact test bench for automobile transmission shaftutility model
201520233982.9Indentation Testing Machine for Special Space Partsutility model
201520214994.7High Speed Impact Compression Deformation Testing Machineutility model
201520214742.4a wrench clamping device with locking mechanismutility model
2015103160952.0a high-temperature hydrogen environmental material performance test deviceinvention patent
2015103191931.0a Multi-axial Salt Spray Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth Test Systeminvention patent
2015103196140.0Creep Fatigue Test Device for High Temperature Superheated Water Vapor Environmentinvention patent
201520930354.6Force measuring device for simulating multi-stage lifting hydraulic cylinder test bench under actual working conditionsutility model
201520994794.8multi-channel dynamic control deviceutility model
201521003515.3a fatigue life testing machine for automobile hub bearingsutility model
201620354225.1Gearboxutility model
201610010949.9adjustable wheelbase hydraulic floating roller drive deviceinvention patent
201610254463.Xan electric drilling tool working condition simulation test platforminvention patent
201610254464.4a drill cuttings conveying microcirculation unit test method and test deviceinvention patent
201611139905.2a combined loading motion joint bearing testing machineinvention patent
201610957116.3a high-frequency fatigue overheating test device for hydrogen-oxygen water vapor environmentinvention patent
201610976521.Xa tensile mechanical property test device suitable for high temperature vacuum.invention patent
201610957100.2a material performance test device suitable for high temperature vacuum environment.invention patent
201210413791.1full strain measurement type in-situ nano/scratch measurement deviceinvention patent
201110353825.8microscope componentsinvention patent
201110353413.4microscopic componentsinvention patent
201721071279.8automatic straightening machineutility model
201721071278.3automatic straightening device for high-temperature train axleutility model
201721148857.3a plane reciprocating friction and wear testing machineutility model
201820040576.4a bending and torsion fatigue testing machineutility model
201721926422.7a quick clamping extension device for creep testutility model
201810022705.1an impact wear testing machineinvention patent
201820708301.3a swing friction fatigue testing machineutility model
201811340064.0an automatic production line for straightening shaft partsinvention patent
201821493361.4a hole cleaning device and a hole cleaning machine with the hole cleaning deviceutility model
201821557124.Xautomatic wall thickness measuring deviceutility model
201821493351.0spoke sensorutility model
201821855355.9a kind of shaft parts turnover boxutility model
201821856261.3a kind of shaft parts feeding systemutility model
201811341107.7a rotary translation deviceinvention patent
201811340049.6center hole grinding equipment and systeminvention patent
201811340046.2a support block anti-error bracket for straightening shaft partsinvention patent
201710735230.6a high-temperature train axle clamping and rotating deviceinvention patent
201710570868.9straightening machine and friction driving device thereofinvention patent
201710494504.7a flat push wedge clamping deviceinvention patent
201610970776.5a tensile mechanical property testing deviceinvention patent
201920278429.5an automatic assembly system for motor rotorutility model
201920278289.1New Cross Shaft Automatic Assembly Mechanismutility model
201921174611.2suspension device for loading and measuring components of geotechnical mechanics testing machine for CT scanningutility model
201822166731.Xa triaxial loading device for CTutility model
201822141839.3a geotechnical mechanics test coupling device for CTutility model
201510622211.3Creep Fatigue Experimental Device in High Temperature Vacuum Inflatable Environmentinvention patent
201910695065.5Automatic detection and correction equipment for the middle section of axle housinginvention patent
201921213957.9a flexible support and pressing device for straightening thin-walled aluminum tubesutility model
201920901010.0a pipeline resonance fatigue test benchutility model
2016109764908.0compression and bending mechanical performance testing device suitable for high temperature vacuum environmentinvention patent
201921249357.8Fatigue life detection device for vehicle fastenersutility model
201922198495.4a horizontal tensile frame test deviceutility model
201922198512.4square rack automatic straightening machineutility model
202020297428.8a fatigue test device for balanced suspensionutility model
202021247234.3a stabilizer bar fatigue durability testing machineutility model
202021817220.0a horizontal electronic creep testing machineutility model
202021247235.8a cyclic loading testing machine for anti-seismic supports and hangersutility model
202021546515.9a vibration fatigue test systemutility model
202021540988.8a single-tooth loading gear fixture for gear bending fatigue testutility model
202021997077.8a double-shaft loading bottom test bed for engine bearing bushutility model
201821424032.4a marine climate environment-tension, compression and bending load coupling test equipmentutility model
201821424018.4a marine climate environment-torsional load coupling test deviceutility model
202011293435.1a micro-shaft roller driving mechanisminvention patent
utility model
202120898153.8UHF static support linear actuatorutility model
202120413818.1Multi-degree-of-freedom hydrostatic decoupling platformutility model
202022936110.2hydraulic control film feedback throttling deviceutility model
202023261602.2Tightening device for external tie rod of automobile steering gearutility model
202120532489.2Automatic rack-piercing device for automobile steering gearutility model
202120529279.8Track Correction Equipment and Track Production Lineutility model
202120529326.9Track Correction Device and Track Production Lineutility model
202121679434.0a high temperature and high pressure water environment fretting wear sample clamping toolutility model
202121780911.2Manual Stretch Instrumentutility model
202123161730.4single sphereutility model
2021234234421.0a high temperature dynamic extensometerutility model
202123322024.3Hydraulic Amplifier Based on Static Pressure Supportutility model
202123332133.3Multi-module hydraulic substationutility model
202123423380.4Hydraulic Control Mechanical Feedback One-way Film Throttling High Stiffness Static Pressure Spindleutility model
201811013650.4a marine climate environment-tension, compression and bending load coupling test equipment and test methodsinvention patent
201811011879.4a marine climate environment-torsional load coupling test device and test methodinvention patent
201621189213.4a coupling test equipment for outdoor environment in alpine climate-tension, compression and bending loadutility model
202010259460.1fatigue test equipment and its controlled object cycle motion control method and system.invention patent
202011275418.5a high-precision down-drive roller drive mechanisminvention patent
202011367855.XDesign of a Two-way Split Straightening and Bending Integrated Mechanisminvention patent
202011296598.5automatic micro shaft straightening machineinvention patent
201710494504.7a flat push wedge clamping deviceinvention patent
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